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  • Ron Kelley completed his first Model "A" restoration in 1974.
    In 1996, Jim Hampton won the Great Race (5000 miles) with a RK rebuilt engine. His RK engine was rebuilt and Dyno tested for comparison with a stock engine in 1994! It's 100%  improvement in horsepower was documented in a magazine article the following year. The engine was still performing like a champion two years later!
  • Since 1998, RK Designs has supported the Ponca City, OK, High School (Scouts) X-Cup entry in the Great Race each year.  The Ponca City X-Cup team has won several times, including 2005.
  • In  1997, 1999 and 2005 Ron Kelley completed The Great Race with his own rebuilt Model "A" engines.
  • In 2005, Greg Cunningham and his navigator won the Great Race driving a 1928 Model A Speedster with a RK rebuilt engine.
  • The ONLY Ford 4 cylinder to complete the 1997 Peking to Paris Road Rally (12,000) was a '32 engine rebuilt and prepared for the Prince of Malaysia by Ron Kelley.
  • Ron Kelley has rebuilt early Chevrolet 4 cylinders, modified 1925 Durant 4 cylinders into a straight 8 cylinder, and successfully completed other antique specialty engine modifications.
  • Ron has long been a contributing member of numerous antique car organizations.

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